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December 24 2013


Home Cleaning Tips | Sacramento


Homes can add beauty with the right type of carpeting. With the many different styles, material types and colors your carpet choice is as important as the furniture if not more important.

After selecting the carpet that best fits both your home and your personality the way you maintain it is very important. Carpet cleaning is a task best done by a professional. 

When picking a carpet cleaning Sacramento area professional begin checking websites on the internet. A professional cleaner will list the types of cleaning they do, the equipment they use, references, certifications and more.  Remember you get what you pay for. Using a friend of a friend that is related to another friend who can rent a machine really cheap and save you money may not be how you want to have your beautiful expensive carpets cleaned.

There are two basic types of  dry carpet cleaning. The first is the dry chemical or foam cleaning. When foam cleaning the product is sprayed onto the carpet and when dried the residual powder is vacuumed up.  When using the dry chemical the product is sprayed on the carpet, a machine with a soft pad that circulates over the top of the carpet does the cleaning to pull the dirt into the pad.

Another type of carpet cleaning is hot steam extraction. This is a method highly recommended by carpet makers. With this method a wand or machines disperses spray with pressure  into the carpet. The same wand or machines then uses suction to pull moisture back up from the carpet along with the dirt and grime. The evidence will be in the recovery tank of the carpet cleaning machine.

Today many  professional carpet cleaning companies are using a truck or van with the equipment mounted in it. This way all the equipment stays outside and the technician only brings in the hose and wand.  Steam cleaning can produce moisture and humidity depending on the conditions of the house and/or the weather. Using a truck mount machine will eliminate this in your home. Truck mounted equipment has more psi (pounds of pressure per square inch) and use much hotter water (if recommended by manufacturer) which can give you an even better cleaning.

Remember maintaining your carpets is as important as keeping everything in your home clean and maintained. Carpets should be cleaned at least once a year and more often depending on the amount of foot traffic you have. Pets and children may require more frequent cleaning. Remember the light the color of carpet you choose the more often you may have to clean it.

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